What We Do

We Are Defeating Poverty

At Omaha Bridges, our mission is defeating poverty—period. We believe the most empowering and effective way to do this is to not merely give people fish—we teach them how to fish!

Over the next decade, we are committed to helping 25,000 working-age adults lift themselves out of poverty. To accomplish this challenging goal, we believe that Omaha Bridges is THE most effective poverty reducing program. Why? It’s holistic, and it empowers the individual.

Defeating Poverty . . .

  • Engages the amazing talent in our community
  • Improves the health of our community
  • Improves the brain development of our children
  • Reduces crime
  • Reduces substance abuse
  • Allows all our citizens to thrive

The results speak for themselves

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We have a 94% graduation rate

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The average graduate increases their net income by nearly $1,500 per month ($18,000 a year), with an average decrease in debt-to-income ratio of 58%

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Families are moving from instability to self-sufficiency

Are You Ready to Defeat Poverty?

You can help break the poverty cycle once and for all! Whether you’re an individual looking for a life change, or a workplace looking for stability, Omaha Bridges has the resources you need to get ahead.