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With our Getting Ahead in the Workplace workshops, we’ll help you create a healthier and more productive workplace environment that will yield dividends.

Providing Stability for a Better Life at Work and  Home

In our ten-week Getting Ahead in the Workplace workshop, your entry level staff will learn life skills and workplace skills that will create a more positive, productive and healthy workplace environment.

During the ten-week class, employees will begin by learning to assess their current “resources” and make a PLAN to build resources in eleven key areas. After identifying what it means to live in instability, participants develop plans to eliminate instability from their lives and employment. They’ll also learn goal setting and time management skills, along with problem solving and negotiating/ mediation skills.

After graduation, your staff will have access to Success Coaches on-site several hours per week, to help connect them to resources without leaving work.

Businesses have reported a 200% to 400% R.O.I on dollars invested in a Getting Ahead in the Workplace program as well as a very positive impact on workplace culture.


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Looking Ahead!

New Classes forming in April 2023

All classes offered to current employees 18 years of age and older.

CHI/Jennie Edmundson Hospitals

Council Bluffs, 51503

TBD: Start/End Date


CHI Health /Bergan Mercy Hospital

Omaha, 68124

TBD: Start/End Date


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