Hear from our Omaha Bridges Community

“This class has been so valuable and encouraging for me because it helped me realize I am not what society has tried to invoke on me…I am important, and I can make good choices even with the bad hand that circumstances have dealt me…it has really changed my life!”

Omaha Bridges Getting Ahead Graduate

"Becoming the best version of me..."

“I heard about the Getting Ahead program through the Star’s scholarship in the Council Bluffs area. What initially drew me to the class is not what made me stay. I learned a lot about things that I was unaware of and my outlook on my life has changed. I’ve come to realize through this course, that I can influence change in my life and the people around me. I want to be the best version of me I can be, for my daughter, for myself, and for God. The Getting Ahead instructors provided me with the knowledge and tools to succeed and the motivation to persevere.”

–Omaha/Council Bluffs Getting Ahead graduate

"Addresses long-standing issues to become self-sustainable"

“Sharon is amazing! Omaha Bridges Out of Poverty does amazing work with families and helps them understand the underlying mentality and culture of poverty and go much deeper than basic finances/budgeting. BOP provides families with informal and formal supports and truly allows families to address long standing issues to become self-sustainable.”

–Community Partner, Nebraska Children’s Home Society

"Achieving the life I want"

“It gave me better insight on how to achieve the life I want.”

–Omaha/Council Bluffs Getting Ahead Graduate

"From homelessness to home ownership"

“As you know Bridges of Poverty helped me become re-established in society. Coming from homelessness to a home ownership. I’m projecting to be mortgage free in 2022. I’m also projecting of growing my wealth by purchasing more property. I’m working at the V. A. Hospital. My love for photography has not diminished. I would like to help in the program wherever I can. Mr. Jackson and everyone have helped me recover my motivation. I love all of you. Create a goal and stay focused. Thanks for Bridges Out of Poverty”

–Omaha/Council Bluffs Getting Ahead graduate

"Going back to school"

“I remember starting the Bridges program back in February, at this point I was not sure what the benefits were going to be our how this program was going to impact my life. One of the things that has motivated me was that back in the fall I was thinking to going back to school. When I graduated from high school, I already had two kids and I took the challenge to continue with my education. At this point I wanted to go to school for criminal justice, but once I was pregnant with the 3rd baby, I was just overwhelmed with my living situation. So, I ended up dropping out of school and moved to Lincoln where I had a better living situation. Now 7 years later I decided to go back to school for human services. I do not know what exactly what I want to do, but I know I want to help my community and give back.

“This class really put a lot of things in perspective for me. Not only the need out there to help those in need. There are a lot of people living in poverty and they do not even realize it. They just do not know any other way of living. This class also helped me manage my money a little better. Knowing how much we should spend in rent and other things helped in knowing where I am overspending, and it helped my budget to balance out a little better.”

—Omaha/Council Bluffs Getting Ahead graduate

"Breaking the poverty cycle"
“This is the best program ever with many resources to assist in conquering mindsets and finances to get out of the poverty cycle…”

–Omaha/Council Bluffs Getting Ahead Graduate

"A different outlook on life"
“I have been actively engaged, informed, supported, and encouraged. Getting Ahead has given me a different outlook on life and for that alone I am thankful. With the completion of this course, I feel better, I’m more confident in the choices that I have made to better myself and my children where there was doubt, and I’m just ready to chase my dreams head on with the knowledge of now knowing that there is help, and I must tap into my resources. I just must make the effort and put in the work along with sacrifices and the rest will be history.  I am thankful for this pandemic! Yes, 2020 has/is been good to me it is all in the way that it is perceived. Without COVID we as participants of Getting Ahead would have never got the experience to be let in (literally) in others personal space such as their home.”

—Omaha/Council Bluffs Getting Ahead graduate

"Hope and confidence"

“I have witnessed people leave the graduation with hope and confidence, that they can change their situation in life.”

–Community Partner 

"The past doesn’t have to define the future"

“Getting Ahead helped me in my everyday life! I am more aware of what is going out and coming into my life! Money, taxes, when and what needs to be paid or not! Continuing my sobriety and everything that has happened do not have to define my future! Knowing budget and not overspending! So, so much I can say! I’m very grateful of this program!”

–Omaha/Council Bluffs Getting Ahead Graduate

"My glass is half full"

“I want to say although it has been 3 years since I took the class and co-facilitated one with Carl Jackson ….it is great and valuable information to be given and actually paid to get it. Many places I have been do not offer this type of help much less pay you for it! This class has been so valuable and encouraging for me because it helped me realize I am not what society has tried to invoke on me…I am important, and I can make good choices even with the bad hand that circumstances have dealt me! Knowing how to code-switch and how to set goals, look at the glass half full rather than half empty… I am sure since I was there, there have been many more people who have come out of this program changed. Be encouraged because I never have forgotten what I have learned, and it has really changed my life!”

–Omaha/Council Bluffs Getting Ahead Graduate

"Seeds of possibility"

“Bridges out of Poverty gave me awareness that there is more to life than meets my eyes. It gave me hope that I can not only find it but achieve it. It also gave me an alliance of support I never knew was possible. It goes beyond teaching you the basics of success and social, economic systems to provide personal support for moving forward into the direction of your dreams. They help you find resources within and from around the area to try and meet your individual needs. You do not come out of Bridges feeling alone or unsupported. You come out feeling part of a group of people that care about you personally and collectively into improving our local community. Bridges out of Poverty seeks to provide people with support for the unique and individual needs of the individual to improve their LIFE, not just their finances. Wealth in all areas of the Self Actualization process from basic needs on up to where full potential can be achieved. They begin where you need it the most but do not leave you just at the beginning of the process. They will listen and try to help you find the best ways for you to become an active member of your own life by encouraging you to share your gifts and talents with the community. Bridges out of Poverty provides necessary support for the betterment of the community one person at a time by expanding each individuals abilities to become more involved in what they are most interested in creating. That nurtures the Soul of a person. I wish to thank Bridges out of Poverty for the services they provide and help raise awareness of how important it is to the people in the community. Helping people realize the interconnectivity of how we can work together to co-create a more sustainable future. There is no limit to what can happen as a result of allowing Bridges to help someone find what they wish to create in this world. We all have a seed of possibility that needs some care to help it emerge into its greatness.”

—Omaha/Council Bluffs Getting Ahead Graduate